ZIMO restorations by Digital Dental Network.

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Our dental laboratory replicates nature by combining cutting-edge dental technology with traditional ceramic artistry.

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Who are we?

Digital Dental Network are a cutting edge laboratory providing the highest-quality crowns, bridges, implants, inlays, onlays and full-arch implant prostheses to dentists throughout Australia and the world.



Our products 

Offering a range of industry-leading solutions, our portfolio of ZIMO products and techniques is constantly evolving to keep pace with technological advances and patient demand.


Z-Scan: dental impression solutions

From our unique scan-optimised dental impression material to own DDN Intraoral Scanner - our products will help you create dental impressions quickly and accurately.
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ZIMO Crown and bridge 

From zirconia to gold, we offer a full suite of options within our ZIMO crown and bridge restorations.

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ZIMO Implants

Working with genuine implant solutions and ZIMO design, we offer your patients an alternative treatment to traditional crowns, bridgework and dentures. 

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ZIMO GUIDE: Guided surgery 

We are Australasia's ONLY validated producer of CodiagnostiX surgical guides. A fast, accurate and safe implant surgery option.
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Oral Sleeping appliances 

Our digital workflow allows us to create digitally milled splints that fit perfectly.
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Smile design & diagnostic planning 

We offer a range of tools to assist you and your patients at the earliest stage of a case.
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the zimo process 

From scanning to hand-finished ceramics, we create all our products using a unique four-stage process, called ZIMO, that guarantees you the most consistent and accurate restoration possible.


1. Scan

Creation of dental impression using an intraoral scanner or our own scan-optimised digital impression material provided free of charge.

2. Design

Your scan or impression is uploaded into our CAD/CAM software and design created.

3. Mill and print

We mill the copings/framework and simultaneously print a working model using the most accurate technology available.

4. Human touch

Our benchmark ceramicists ensure each restoration is perfectly created, emulating natural aesthetics.



12 reasons to choose our dental laboratory 

From our complete digital workflow and hand-crafted artistry to our dedicated customer service team, there are plenty of reasons to choose Digital Dental Network. Below are 12 that will make your job easier and your surgery more profitable.


1. new technologies and workflows 

We're proud to be at the forefront of digital dental technology. Our gold-standard complete digital workflow and CAD/CAM technologies enable us to create products with an accuracy and predictability that traditional methods can’t replicate. 


We control every aspect of the process from our dental lab; from scanning, to milling, to finishing. It is this level of control that allows us to produce a consistently premium product. In fact, we're so confident of the quality and accuracy of our process that we offer a unique lifetime warranty all of our products.

3. World-class technicians

DDN have nurtured a world class team of technicians. Under the guidance of master ceramist Paul Fiechter, our team has decades of experience in shade matching and shaping, and skills that are unrivalled in the industry, guaranteeing you a premium product that blends perfectly with natural teeth. We welcome you to come see our skills at work.



We are the only Australasian dental laboratory to receive full Therapeutic Goods Administration approval on crown & bridge for not only our materials but also our complete digital workflow.

5. validated surgical guide

We have recently become the only Australasian validated provider of CodiagnostiX guided surgery. Using our validated ZIMO guide, means that you can be assured of accuracy and predictability in your surgeries.

6. Lifetime warranty

We pride ourselves on producing the best quality restorations. In fact, we are so confident of the quality and accuracy of our processes that we offer a unique lifetime warranty on all of our products.



With a dedicated customer service team, your technicians will always be able to speak directly to someone in our lab. Plus, you can save time using our online lab forms and manage your workflow and accounting with our online client portal.

8. Feedback app

Our free feedback app will help us improve our customer service and production processes; ensuring that we can continue continue to provide your surgery with perfect restorations.


Our complete digital workflow model has been proven to save surgeries time, delivering you a significant decrease in chair time and bottom-line savings - and increasing sales. Our clients have been able to model future projections on our products and using our sales tools.


10. Free postage

Your surgery will save money as each restoration is delivered to your surgery free of charge. 


DDN are more than just a dental lab. Whether it's working alongside dental pioneers to get a national implant registry off the ground, to volunteering our services to those who need it most, we want to lead the industry the right way.

12. Education and Support

We have partnered with world leading professionals to facilitate education direct from the experts in their field. Working along side many KOL we can also tailor education for your specific study groups.

  • During the past few years, DDN has been consistent in their quality of work. Their attitude to doing work of the highest quality has given me a reason to introduce other dentists to them. It is obvious that DDN is passionate about their craft.
    — Dr. Yana I.
  • It gives me great pleasure to introduce DDN in Melbourne. They are the best laboratory I have worked with, I send all of my crown and bridge, as well as implant restorative to them. I would not send my work anywhere else.
    — Dr. Shaneel S.
  • It is obvious they take great pride in their work and I have no hesitation in recommending DDN to any business. They are always available to discuss any cases and are great technicians to work with.
    — Dr. Paul N.
  • I was very lucky to be referred from a college to DDN in 2007. Since this time I have used their services exclusively for the manufacture of all my porcelain based laboratory work.
    — Dr. Chad P.
  • Digital Dental Network service has always been very prompt and reliable, which is highly valuable in a busy practice. The attention to detail enough to satisfy any pedantic dentist.
    — Dr. Shelly F.
  • Digital Dental Network have always provided a prompt and reliable service, providing excellent quality work at realistic prices.
    — Dr. Rob S.
  • As with dentistry in general, word of mouth is very important, and I have no hesitation in recommending DDN for any crown or bridge patients you currently have. I feel it is also important to let you know that they have not asked me for this recommendation. I just feel their work is of such a high standard that I was happy to offer them my seal of approval!
    — Dr. Adrian B.

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